My Dressing Table

I’ll keep this post pretty short but we redecorated our bedroom last year and did it properly with new built in wardrobes and everything. However my biggest joy from the new room was my dressing table. This was custom designed for me and I am over the moon at how beautiful it looks and how organised all my essentials are. I’ve done my best to keep the top of the dressing table looking tidy but have slipped over the past few weeks. So a couple of days ago I took the opportunity to sort through everything, ditch any old or almost empty products and the results are as below.



Time of Year – Lent

So lent began on Tuesday 18th February and I’m trying to decide whether to take part. Last year I gave up shopping on QVC and managed the whole time (although I think my Amazon purchases went up). However I’ve not bought anything from QVC since Christmas so I’ve nothing to give up there.

So I think I’m going to give up buying beauty products unless I’m about a week from running out of something. Hopefully this will help save some money as well as helping me to use up some of the stock I have. Luckily my purchases from The Body Shop were made on the day before Lent started.

So I’ve got to stick to this until the 2nd April. I will post any purchases on here (along with the empty products they are replacing as proof).

Let’s see how this goes!

The First Post…

So this is my go at my first post. I’ll make it clear up front – i’m not a master writer, i’m not a grammatical expert and i don’t have any writing qualifications. I’m just a girl putting my thoughts into words to someone to read (hopefully).

I’m a 34 year old southerner living in the north.

Outside of my full-time work i love beauty, books, television (mostly american shows as we Brit’s just can’t seem to hit the jackpot when it comes to TV) and i’m trying my hardest to get into being healthy, enjoying exercise and trying to lose weight.

You won’t find any life changing revolutions on my pages but you might find something that interests you, inspires you or makes you laugh.