Project Pan and Haul!

Firstly I have to admit that I have failed on my giving up buying beauty products unless I’m about to run out. The title of this post most likely gives it away. On the plus side I am trying to use up what I have before opening more items.

Today’s use up has become a firm favourite from The Body Shop – Vitamine E Aqua Boost Sorbet. I’ve had this jar for about 3 months and have probably used it 4 out of 7 days of the week so it’s lasted a good amount of time. However this morning I reached the bottom of the jar.

And now for the dilemma. I have another one of these in stock (I actually have 6 new moisturisers waiting in the wing!) but I also have two other moisturisers that I would like to use up before I open it. So I’m going to try my hardest to resist opening the new one. Thankfully one of the two I need to use up probably only has about a week left in it if I use it twice a day.


And so onto my haul. This is the first time I’ve ever had a serious case of buyer’s remorse and I felt it as soon as I got home. I popped into the local supermarket on Saturday and they have a huge beauty section with masses of different brands. There were a couple of products I had my eye on (Collection Nude palettes) and I wanted to browse the new stuff that was out.

I was pleased to be able to pick up all 3 of the Collection Nude palettes and have already tried one out (I’ll do a separate review on those). I also got 4 jars of the Nivea hydrating primer which was reduced to £3 a jar. Into the haul went a selection of mascaras, a couple of concealers, nail varnishes and some pressed powders.


However I then spotted that they were selling Glam Glow and it had a third off.

Uh Oh.

I bought a tiny jar of the hydrating Glam Glow in New York but as my eczema has only settled in the last few weeks I’ve not tried it yet. So what an earth possessed me to buy two more large jars totalling over £60!

I knew it was a mistake a soon as I got home so I’ve put them away in the cupboard and will most likely be returning them (hence why they aren’t in the haul photo). I will likely take back the Revlon items I bought and they are not needed and a couple are a little gimmicky so probably won’t end up being used.

I’ve not had regret like that for a very long time and it will definitely make me think a little more before parting with my cash. I’ll consider this lesson learnt.


Gadget Time!

OK so I’m finding it particularly dangerous working on a business park where there are a number of large stores. Now thankfully there is no Boots and no clothes stores but that certainly doesn’t stop me.

My downfall stores include Staples (oh I do love pens and post-its!), Dunelm and Morrison’s. However yesterday I succumbed to Curry for a gadget overload. Normally yesterday’s purchases would come via the wonderfulness that is Amazon but I’m very impatient and wanted the items in my grubby little hands NOW!

So off I trot in my lunch hour and come back with three items. First is an Apple 3 metre charge and sync cable as my normal cable isn’t long enough to reach the bed for overnight charging. In hindsight 3 metres may have been a little excessive and I suspect it might reach from the bedroom to the bathroom. Next was a wireless keyboard for my iPad mini as although I don’t mind using the on-screen keyboard, for any lengthy typing it’s annoying.

And finally my favourite item – a Bluetooth speaker. I’ve been after one for ages and couldn’t decide what to get but yesterday I found a Sony one reduced from £100 to £30 – bargain of the century and it was definitely coming home with me. Of course my husband wanted a demonstration as soon as I get home, so I cranked up the volume to show the level it would reach and in turn terrified the cat – she soon came back to curl up in front of the fire.

I’m already making great use of the speaker, much less distracting than the TV whilst getting ready for work.

Haul Time

If you read my previous post you might have picked up on a pattern that i love beauty products. This is absolutely true, i have masses (although not as much of the YouTuber’s i follow) of make-up and skin care. I love trying out new products and even more i love it when i find a product i love and that works – these are the times i end up bulk buying!

For a change me and my husband went away for New Year (never done it before) and the chosen destination was New York. This excited me so much as i love the shop Sephora and i knew my husband would be patient enough to allow multiple, lengthy visits during the 5 days we were there.

I think i did pretty well in only going in twice but still managed to spend most of my spending money. I stocked up on a couple of products i love, one of which is discontinued in the UK (Dior – what were you thinking, Creme de Rose is an amazing lip balm!) plus i had a whole list (yes i made and printed a list so i wouldn’t forget what i wanted) of products i was keen to try and couldn’t justify buying out of normal monthly wages.

I feel the best option is to just post a picture of my ‘haul’!


It might not look a massive amount to some but to me this was a lot. What this doesn’t include is the numerous bottles of fragrance i bought from Victoria’s Secret. I love the fragrance Love Spell that they do so bought 6 x 30ml bottles of perfume and 6 x 250ml bottles of the body mist. I know you can buy this in the UK now but it is so much cheaper in the US so it made total sense to buy there.

Now i’d love to be able to tell you how awesome all of these products are but unfortunately for the past couple of weeks the dermatitis on my eyelids has flared so i’m having to be really careful what i use. I could almost cry about the fact I’ve only been able to use my Naked 3 palette once!

However i will say that the Tangle Teaser is awful. I have long, thick wavy hair and this just doesn’t cut the mustard. It’s not too bad on wet hair but useless otherwise.

Second Post – Confession Time

OK I have a confession – I love shopping on QVC!

There I said it.

Not that there is anything particularly bad about my confession but it’s something I’m trying to stop as I spend way too much money. Luckily since the beginning of the year there really hasn’t been much I want to buy and I’ve found myself watching QVC less and less.

Since January 1st 2015 I’ve not bought anything from QVC which means I’ve been able to resist TSV’s (Today’s Special Value for those not in the know) from Laura Geller, Decleor, Gatineau and Alpha H (do you see a pattern!)

Also I’ve had one item not arrive but they no longer have stock (boo hoo as I actually wanted it) so I’ll be getting a refund on this and I’ve got to make a decision today as to whether to send back a Kipling bag I bought as I just don’t think I’ll use it very much plus it cost £70!

So my aim is to make it until the end of the month without buying anything and in future only purchase items if I already use them and have run out (or about to run out as I don’t need the panic of actually completely running out of something). I’m pretty sure if I can make it until the end of the month I’ll be able to continue to resist temptation.

This will be much to the relief of my husband, oh and the local Hermes delivery man.