Old Lady Alert

Ok so last night we went to a surprise birthday party which was awesome as I’ve never been to one where the guest of honour had no idea. As it was a surprise we had to be there at 7pm. Now i enjoyed getting ready and did my hair curly (see picture below) and for the first time in a while my eyes behaved and my eye makeup looked good (another eye update post is coming).

Both my hubby and i were drinking and as they didn’t serve prosecco i stuck to bottled beer (classy i know). The birthday boy arrived just after 7.30pm but to be honest by 9.30pm i was really flagging. So by 10pm we were in a taxi on our way home.

Now my hubby and i aren’t spring chickens but neither are we old – I’m 34 and he is 40 but man we felt old last night. I guess we prefer now to go out for a meal with friends or family or go to a pub where you can actually hear each other. We also really enjoy spending time with our family’s at home, particularly on a Saturday night after footy at my folks second home (they live 200 miles from me so bought a place here a few years back).

Now that may make us boring but so what, when you get to your mid thirties and work hard like we both do, our down time needs to be exactly what we want it to be. We thoroughly enjoyed last night even though we only knew a few people but i went straight to bed when i go home as i was knackered.

On another point, i enjoyed getting ready to go out and love making an effort however i hate taking off my makeup when it looks good! Does anyone else feel like this?