Throwback Tuesday

OK to be honest this whole week is likely going to end up being a total throwback when it comes to music.

It started on Monday with an office game of trying to incorporate 80’s song titles into our work without people in other departments realising. We had an outright winner – one guys worked about 12 different song titles into his weekly report! This spilled over onto Facebook last night with hilarious results.

So yesterday meant a significant amount of time looking at 80’s songs and well obviously this resulted in singing a lot of them – a Spotify playlist with over 400 80’s songs on it went down well.

The 80’s songs continued this morning on my drive into work Total Eclipse of the Heart on full volume – perfect start to a Tuesday morning! However the playlist included a little Michael Bolton. Now I don’t mind admitting that when I was much, much younger I loved Michael Bolton. What terrified me was that when two different songs came on I still knew pretty much all the words. Now it must be well over 20 years since my liking of Michael Bolton was eclipsed by my love for Mariah (that’s a whole other post) and Michael simply became a distant memory that I wasn’t keen on admitting as an adult.

And that’s what I love about Spotify because as I sit here typing away I’m listening to Michael Bolton’s greatest hits. The Michael thing won’t last beyond today (I hope) and he will again become a distant memory.

I will say that I’m eternally grateful that I’m now working in a department where if I need to block out the office noise, I can put my headphones in and listening to some music while I work. Previously music only got a look in on my short drive to work and then only at home if I was in the mood. I’m discovering all my old music again and loving it.

To me life without music is not a happy life and if I could, I would sing all day every day (pretty sure my colleagues would kill me quickly if I did!)