Gadget Time!

OK so I’m finding it particularly dangerous working on a business park where there are a number of large stores. Now thankfully there is no Boots and no clothes stores but that certainly doesn’t stop me.

My downfall stores include Staples (oh I do love pens and post-its!), Dunelm and Morrison’s. However yesterday I succumbed to Curry for a gadget overload. Normally yesterday’s purchases would come via the wonderfulness that is Amazon but I’m very impatient and wanted the items in my grubby little hands NOW!

So off I trot in my lunch hour and come back with three items. First is an Apple 3 metre charge and sync cable as my normal cable isn’t long enough to reach the bed for overnight charging. In hindsight 3 metres may have been a little excessive and I suspect it might reach from the bedroom to the bathroom. Next was a wireless keyboard for my iPad mini as although I don’t mind using the on-screen keyboard, for any lengthy typing it’s annoying.

And finally my favourite item – a Bluetooth speaker. I’ve been after one for ages and couldn’t decide what to get but yesterday I found a Sony one reduced from £100 to £30 – bargain of the century and it was definitely coming home with me. Of course my husband wanted a demonstration as soon as I get home, so I cranked up the volume to show the level it would reach and in turn terrified the cat – she soon came back to curl up in front of the fire.

I’m already making great use of the speaker, much less distracting than the TV whilst getting ready for work.