Project Pan and Haul!

Firstly I have to admit that I have failed on my giving up buying beauty products unless I’m about to run out. The title of this post most likely gives it away. On the plus side I am trying to use up what I have before opening more items.

Today’s use up has become a firm favourite from The Body Shop – Vitamine E Aqua Boost Sorbet. I’ve had this jar for about 3 months and have probably used it 4 out of 7 days of the week so it’s lasted a good amount of time. However this morning I reached the bottom of the jar.

And now for the dilemma. I have another one of these in stock (I actually have 6 new moisturisers waiting in the wing!) but I also have two other moisturisers that I would like to use up before I open it. So I’m going to try my hardest to resist opening the new one. Thankfully one of the two I need to use up probably only has about a week left in it if I use it twice a day.


And so onto my haul. This is the first time I’ve ever had a serious case of buyer’s remorse and I felt it as soon as I got home. I popped into the local supermarket on Saturday and they have a huge beauty section with masses of different brands. There were a couple of products I had my eye on (Collection Nude palettes) and I wanted to browse the new stuff that was out.

I was pleased to be able to pick up all 3 of the Collection Nude palettes and have already tried one out (I’ll do a separate review on those). I also got 4 jars of the Nivea hydrating primer which was reduced to £3 a jar. Into the haul went a selection of mascaras, a couple of concealers, nail varnishes and some pressed powders.


However I then spotted that they were selling Glam Glow and it had a third off.

Uh Oh.

I bought a tiny jar of the hydrating Glam Glow in New York but as my eczema has only settled in the last few weeks I’ve not tried it yet. So what an earth possessed me to buy two more large jars totalling over £60!

I knew it was a mistake a soon as I got home so I’ve put them away in the cupboard and will most likely be returning them (hence why they aren’t in the haul photo). I will likely take back the Revlon items I bought and they are not needed and a couple are a little gimmicky so probably won’t end up being used.

I’ve not had regret like that for a very long time and it will definitely make me think a little more before parting with my cash. I’ll consider this lesson learnt.


Puffy Eye Update

So if you’ve read the previous post you’ll know I’ve been having problems with dermatitis on my eyes and certain products have been causing major reactions.

So I took everything back to basics and have only been using Bioderma as a cleanser and testing different eye creams. Well I’ve found a great Espa one that is moisturising and lasts all day. I’ve also gone back to using Liz Earle’s Eyebright as I had two bottles of this and found that this doesn’t irritate.

Face creams I’ve not had much problem with – I have about 4/5 different ones and none of them are causing any reaction (although I don’t sweep my facial moisturiser over my eyes any way).

I have tried the Garnier Miceller water again just on my face and not the eyes and again no reaction. So I think my secret is going to be keeping it simple and keeping anything I do use on my face away from my eye area.

Also my favourite discovery of the past couple of weeks is an Urban Decay primer. I got four samples with my Naked 3 palette and the anti-aging primer covers up all the redness on my eyelids and lasts all day. I’ve actually been using this without any eye shadow on top as the finish is so nice. I will definitely be purchasing some of this when I get the chance.

My current heroes:


Old Lady Alert

Ok so last night we went to a surprise birthday party which was awesome as I’ve never been to one where the guest of honour had no idea. As it was a surprise we had to be there at 7pm. Now i enjoyed getting ready and did my hair curly (see picture below) and for the first time in a while my eyes behaved and my eye makeup looked good (another eye update post is coming).

Both my hubby and i were drinking and as they didn’t serve prosecco i stuck to bottled beer (classy i know). The birthday boy arrived just after 7.30pm but to be honest by 9.30pm i was really flagging. So by 10pm we were in a taxi on our way home.

Now my hubby and i aren’t spring chickens but neither are we old – I’m 34 and he is 40 but man we felt old last night. I guess we prefer now to go out for a meal with friends or family or go to a pub where you can actually hear each other. We also really enjoy spending time with our family’s at home, particularly on a Saturday night after footy at my folks second home (they live 200 miles from me so bought a place here a few years back).

Now that may make us boring but so what, when you get to your mid thirties and work hard like we both do, our down time needs to be exactly what we want it to be. We thoroughly enjoyed last night even though we only knew a few people but i went straight to bed when i go home as i was knackered.

On another point, i enjoyed getting ready to go out and love making an effort however i hate taking off my makeup when it looks good! Does anyone else feel like this?


Saturday Antics

So I’ve mentioned that I love beauty but one of my other loves is football. So you will regularly find me on a Saturday afternoon freezing my butt off watching my team lose (yes, lose!)

I support Blackpool FC and putting it bluntly we’ve had a pretty crap season so far with last weeks game seeing us go from leading 2-0 at half time to losing 7-2!

So it was pretty safe to say none of us were expecting much yesterday but we only went and won 1-0. It still doesn’t take us off the bottom of the table but it closes the gap a little. It wasn’t a great game to watch and our pitch looks like ploughed field but a win is a win right.

And when I say freezing my butt off I’m not joking, I had leggings under my jeans, super thick socks and walling shoes on, a long sleeve top, football shirt, fleece then waterproof coat plus two hats, scarf and wool lined superdry mittens and I was still freezing! You do end up feeling a little like the Michelin Man when you go to football in the north west of England in January but It was dry.

Now despite the fact that I was simply going to football and not a glamorous party afterwards you might call me crazy for the contents of my tiny bag. I had some basic makeup but where the word crazy comes in is due to the number of lip products I take with me. I love my lip products and a girls gotta look good! So this is proof of the lip products I took with me – I needed options!


Puffy Eyed Lady

So after my last post I was hoping my eyes had settled but no such luck. Yesterday I used a couple of products that I’ve used many times before but hadn’t used them for a couple of months. The culprits were the Garnier Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (the one in the purple bottle) and the Garnier Micellar Water.

I then woke up this morning with one puffy and red eye so back on the anti-histamines and no eye makeup today (I’m still not happy without mascara on as i have very blonde eyelashes). I’m going to be really upset if I now can’t use these two products as I like them both and I also bulk bought them both so will have many bottles to hand out to welcoming friends and family.

I’ve decided I’m going to keep a daily diary of everything I use on my face, day and night, so I can trace the source of the problems and work out what products I can and can’t use. It will likely be sods law that loads of my expensive products will cause a reaction, at which point I shall revert to a state of mourning and wear black 24/7!

I may also have to take the decision to throw out all the open mascaras I have and once my eyes have settled start with a new one. This again may induce tears as I have 6 mascaras currently open (yes, it’s a lot I know) but luckily they are all Maybelline ones so nothing too expensive.

I’m still waiting for my referral to a dermatologist to come through and i am known for having no patience so I’m finding it very frustrating all this waiting.

Attack of the Rash!

Some of you might have read in my last blog about not being able to use all of my new beauty products because my dermatitis has flared up. And it’s really starting to annoy me!

I went my entire life without having had any skin problems (other than the normal spots etc) but 4 months before my 34th birthday I developed a rash around my neck and on my eyelids. So off to the doctors I trot to find out what this, hoping to be given a cream and for it to be gone in a couple of weeks. But no, I get told the rash on my neck is eczema and on my eyelids it’s dermatitis. I also get told its stress induced and so the doctor gives me some cream and sends me on my way.

Stressed? Me? No, definitely not. However when I get home and tell my husband he asks me what I do when I get home from work every day. I vent, I rant about the day. But surely this is just me telling him about my day? Turns out this is all it takes to be considered stressed. Great, not much I can do about it as it’s my job. However 3 months later, I’ve moved to a new role and have become a lot less stressed and I’m loving my work and the people I work with.

But still the rashes don’t go away. They do indeed go down but never completely disappear. So another couple of trips and I get told it probably never will go away and I just have to live with it. Aaarrgghh so infuriating. Almost 34 years without problems and I get hit with this.

I guess I’m just going to have to get use to it. My neck doesn’t bother me as it has gone down a massive amount (at one point the guy in the Post Office asked me if someone had tried to strangle me – nice!) but my eyelids are stopping me enjoying my love of beauty. They are either dry and flaky or look really red and either way eye shadow looks pretty crap.

So I’m experimenting with eye creams and eye gels to try and find one that will moisturise and reduce redness as the creams from the doctors aren’t that great and leave everything looking really white! I’ll post later with some reviews and how I get on with them.

If anyone has any suggestions, tips or advice it will certainly be welcome.

Haul Time

If you read my previous post you might have picked up on a pattern that i love beauty products. This is absolutely true, i have masses (although not as much of the YouTuber’s i follow) of make-up and skin care. I love trying out new products and even more i love it when i find a product i love and that works – these are the times i end up bulk buying!

For a change me and my husband went away for New Year (never done it before) and the chosen destination was New York. This excited me so much as i love the shop Sephora and i knew my husband would be patient enough to allow multiple, lengthy visits during the 5 days we were there.

I think i did pretty well in only going in twice but still managed to spend most of my spending money. I stocked up on a couple of products i love, one of which is discontinued in the UK (Dior – what were you thinking, Creme de Rose is an amazing lip balm!) plus i had a whole list (yes i made and printed a list so i wouldn’t forget what i wanted) of products i was keen to try and couldn’t justify buying out of normal monthly wages.

I feel the best option is to just post a picture of my ‘haul’!


It might not look a massive amount to some but to me this was a lot. What this doesn’t include is the numerous bottles of fragrance i bought from Victoria’s Secret. I love the fragrance Love Spell that they do so bought 6 x 30ml bottles of perfume and 6 x 250ml bottles of the body mist. I know you can buy this in the UK now but it is so much cheaper in the US so it made total sense to buy there.

Now i’d love to be able to tell you how awesome all of these products are but unfortunately for the past couple of weeks the dermatitis on my eyelids has flared so i’m having to be really careful what i use. I could almost cry about the fact I’ve only been able to use my Naked 3 palette once!

However i will say that the Tangle Teaser is awful. I have long, thick wavy hair and this just doesn’t cut the mustard. It’s not too bad on wet hair but useless otherwise.