Planning Time

Yes I’ve been MIA for a while but I’m back. 

Work had kept me busy for the last few weeks. I did have a couple of extra days off after Easter which was much needed. Although I’ve got to wait until July for a full week off. 

Along with a friend at my work place I’ve been overindulging in my passion for stationary so much so I took the plunge and ordered an Erin Condren planner. I’m glad I waited as I got it reduced to $30 with another $10 off using a discount code. 

I’m still finding my way with it and waiting for stickers to arrive but so far so good. Here it is in the box and a shot of half of my first week.



On another note after a good period of no issues with my eyes, my eyelids have gone very dry so it’s back to basics with my skin care whilst I try and sort them out.

I’m going to keep it short today but I’ll be back soon 😃


Project Pan and Haul!

Firstly I have to admit that I have failed on my giving up buying beauty products unless I’m about to run out. The title of this post most likely gives it away. On the plus side I am trying to use up what I have before opening more items.

Today’s use up has become a firm favourite from The Body Shop – Vitamine E Aqua Boost Sorbet. I’ve had this jar for about 3 months and have probably used it 4 out of 7 days of the week so it’s lasted a good amount of time. However this morning I reached the bottom of the jar.

And now for the dilemma. I have another one of these in stock (I actually have 6 new moisturisers waiting in the wing!) but I also have two other moisturisers that I would like to use up before I open it. So I’m going to try my hardest to resist opening the new one. Thankfully one of the two I need to use up probably only has about a week left in it if I use it twice a day.


And so onto my haul. This is the first time I’ve ever had a serious case of buyer’s remorse and I felt it as soon as I got home. I popped into the local supermarket on Saturday and they have a huge beauty section with masses of different brands. There were a couple of products I had my eye on (Collection Nude palettes) and I wanted to browse the new stuff that was out.

I was pleased to be able to pick up all 3 of the Collection Nude palettes and have already tried one out (I’ll do a separate review on those). I also got 4 jars of the Nivea hydrating primer which was reduced to £3 a jar. Into the haul went a selection of mascaras, a couple of concealers, nail varnishes and some pressed powders.


However I then spotted that they were selling Glam Glow and it had a third off.

Uh Oh.

I bought a tiny jar of the hydrating Glam Glow in New York but as my eczema has only settled in the last few weeks I’ve not tried it yet. So what an earth possessed me to buy two more large jars totalling over £60!

I knew it was a mistake a soon as I got home so I’ve put them away in the cupboard and will most likely be returning them (hence why they aren’t in the haul photo). I will likely take back the Revlon items I bought and they are not needed and a couple are a little gimmicky so probably won’t end up being used.

I’ve not had regret like that for a very long time and it will definitely make me think a little more before parting with my cash. I’ll consider this lesson learnt.

My Dressing Table

I’ll keep this post pretty short but we redecorated our bedroom last year and did it properly with new built in wardrobes and everything. However my biggest joy from the new room was my dressing table. This was custom designed for me and I am over the moon at how beautiful it looks and how organised all my essentials are. I’ve done my best to keep the top of the dressing table looking tidy but have slipped over the past few weeks. So a couple of days ago I took the opportunity to sort through everything, ditch any old or almost empty products and the results are as below.


Weight Watchers – Progress Update and Presents

So I posted a few weeks ago that I had gone back to Weight Watchers and I did promise that my blog wouldn’t become all about weight loss. However I wanted to give you a quick update. I’m in my fourth week now and I’ve lost 10lbs. My losses each week are:

Week 1 – 6lbs

Week 2 – 4lbs

Week 3 – Stayed the same

Week 4 – due to weigh in on Thursday 12th March

Week 3 I overdid things and ended up having pizza two nights in a row but I worked hard for the rest of the week to bring things back in line and was happy to have not gained.

I also like to update my weight loss on Twitter (on a different account to my blog account) and after my first two weeks Weight Watchers contacted me and said they would like to send me something to help me on my journey and asked for my address details. To be honest I was expecting them to send me something like a money off voucher for their branded food but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Now I didn’t get the joy of opening the parcel that was sent as my husband took delivery at home, messaged me to say I had a pink box waiting for me and as I have no patience he opened it for me and sent me pictures!

Inside was a note from Weight Watchers along with a set of 4 stacking Joseph and Joseph storage boxes – very exciting as I love Joseph and Joseph – and they also sent a Weight Watchers Graze box with lots of yummy treats.


I’m not naive enough to believe they did this out of the kindness of their hearts and I know it’s all about publicity (which they’re getting as I tweeted thank you and am now writing about it here) but I thought it was very generous and made for a lovely surprise on a Friday, especially as it was the end of a week from hell at work!!

Time of Year – Lent

So lent began on Tuesday 18th February and I’m trying to decide whether to take part. Last year I gave up shopping on QVC and managed the whole time (although I think my Amazon purchases went up). However I’ve not bought anything from QVC since Christmas so I’ve nothing to give up there.

So I think I’m going to give up buying beauty products unless I’m about a week from running out of something. Hopefully this will help save some money as well as helping me to use up some of the stock I have. Luckily my purchases from The Body Shop were made on the day before Lent started.

So I’ve got to stick to this until the 2nd April. I will post any purchases on here (along with the empty products they are replacing as proof).

Let’s see how this goes!

Weight Watchers – Beginning Again

So on Thursday 12th February I made the decision to get back on the straight and narrow when it comes to getting healthy and losing weight so I made the choice to go back to Weight Watchers. I go after work on a Thursday and the class seemed quite nice last week. I’ve done Weight Watchers before but not for a couple of years. The plan is pretty much the same so no surprises.

The first week has gone pretty well despite afternoon tea and a meal out (with drinks) on Saturday.

I’ll post my progress on here – but don’t worry I’m not planning on turning my blog into a weight lose blog as there is more to my life than losing weight (although I do need to give this a pretty high priority).


Oops I’ve been a bit MIA haven’t I!

I’ve been really busy at work and for a change I had a social life last weekend and it was a 3 day weekend. Friday I had some mother/daughter time and treated my mum to afternoon tea. It was really nice just relaxing and chatting (and eating yummy food) as my mum lives 200 miles away so we don’t get masses of time to do this.

Saturday was another cold football game. We didn’t win but we did draw 4-4 which is more goals in one game than we’ve had all season. Then Saturday night aka Valentine’s night my hubby and I went out for a meal with my parents. We went to the local casino and the food was amazing especially the seabass. The gambling wasn’t so good and I came home £40 down but a good night was had by all.


Tuesday I had to go to London with work which meant getting up at 5am and being on a train by 7am to get there for a meeting at 11am. Due to my injured foot I can’t use the tube as the stairs kill my foot so I use a private car at a fixed price for getting around. The weather in London was glorious so it was great to be driven around, window open, taking it all in. It was very busy what with it being school holidays and I only just made it to the office on time. Trips to London not only mean getting up at stupid o’clock but I don’t get home until gone 8pm. The meeting finished slightly early which gave me time to take up the 3 for 2 offer in The Body Shop and luckily the train was quiet on the way home so I could doze (although this always makes me nervous in case I miss my station and end up in Glasgow!). A very hungry me snaffled a couple of rounds of toast upon arriving home and headed straight to bed.

Puffy Eye Update

So if you’ve read the previous post you’ll know I’ve been having problems with dermatitis on my eyes and certain products have been causing major reactions.

So I took everything back to basics and have only been using Bioderma as a cleanser and testing different eye creams. Well I’ve found a great Espa one that is moisturising and lasts all day. I’ve also gone back to using Liz Earle’s Eyebright as I had two bottles of this and found that this doesn’t irritate.

Face creams I’ve not had much problem with – I have about 4/5 different ones and none of them are causing any reaction (although I don’t sweep my facial moisturiser over my eyes any way).

I have tried the Garnier Miceller water again just on my face and not the eyes and again no reaction. So I think my secret is going to be keeping it simple and keeping anything I do use on my face away from my eye area.

Also my favourite discovery of the past couple of weeks is an Urban Decay primer. I got four samples with my Naked 3 palette and the anti-aging primer covers up all the redness on my eyelids and lasts all day. I’ve actually been using this without any eye shadow on top as the finish is so nice. I will definitely be purchasing some of this when I get the chance.

My current heroes:


Old Lady Alert

Ok so last night we went to a surprise birthday party which was awesome as I’ve never been to one where the guest of honour had no idea. As it was a surprise we had to be there at 7pm. Now i enjoyed getting ready and did my hair curly (see picture below) and for the first time in a while my eyes behaved and my eye makeup looked good (another eye update post is coming).

Both my hubby and i were drinking and as they didn’t serve prosecco i stuck to bottled beer (classy i know). The birthday boy arrived just after 7.30pm but to be honest by 9.30pm i was really flagging. So by 10pm we were in a taxi on our way home.

Now my hubby and i aren’t spring chickens but neither are we old – I’m 34 and he is 40 but man we felt old last night. I guess we prefer now to go out for a meal with friends or family or go to a pub where you can actually hear each other. We also really enjoy spending time with our family’s at home, particularly on a Saturday night after footy at my folks second home (they live 200 miles from me so bought a place here a few years back).

Now that may make us boring but so what, when you get to your mid thirties and work hard like we both do, our down time needs to be exactly what we want it to be. We thoroughly enjoyed last night even though we only knew a few people but i went straight to bed when i go home as i was knackered.

On another point, i enjoyed getting ready to go out and love making an effort however i hate taking off my makeup when it looks good! Does anyone else feel like this?


Gadget Time!

OK so I’m finding it particularly dangerous working on a business park where there are a number of large stores. Now thankfully there is no Boots and no clothes stores but that certainly doesn’t stop me.

My downfall stores include Staples (oh I do love pens and post-its!), Dunelm and Morrison’s. However yesterday I succumbed to Curry for a gadget overload. Normally yesterday’s purchases would come via the wonderfulness that is Amazon but I’m very impatient and wanted the items in my grubby little hands NOW!

So off I trot in my lunch hour and come back with three items. First is an Apple 3 metre charge and sync cable as my normal cable isn’t long enough to reach the bed for overnight charging. In hindsight 3 metres may have been a little excessive and I suspect it might reach from the bedroom to the bathroom. Next was a wireless keyboard for my iPad mini as although I don’t mind using the on-screen keyboard, for any lengthy typing it’s annoying.

And finally my favourite item – a Bluetooth speaker. I’ve been after one for ages and couldn’t decide what to get but yesterday I found a Sony one reduced from £100 to £30 – bargain of the century and it was definitely coming home with me. Of course my husband wanted a demonstration as soon as I get home, so I cranked up the volume to show the level it would reach and in turn terrified the cat – she soon came back to curl up in front of the fire.

I’m already making great use of the speaker, much less distracting than the TV whilst getting ready for work.