Puffy Eye Update

So if you’ve read the previous post you’ll know I’ve been having problems with dermatitis on my eyes and certain products have been causing major reactions.

So I took everything back to basics and have only been using Bioderma as a cleanser and testing different eye creams. Well I’ve found a great Espa one that is moisturising and lasts all day. I’ve also gone back to using Liz Earle’s Eyebright as I had two bottles of this and found that this doesn’t irritate.

Face creams I’ve not had much problem with – I have about 4/5 different ones and none of them are causing any reaction (although I don’t sweep my facial moisturiser over my eyes any way).

I have tried the Garnier Miceller water again just on my face and not the eyes and again no reaction. So I think my secret is going to be keeping it simple and keeping anything I do use on my face away from my eye area.

Also my favourite discovery of the past couple of weeks is an Urban Decay primer. I got four samples with my Naked 3 palette and the anti-aging primer covers up all the redness on my eyelids and lasts all day. I’ve actually been using this without any eye shadow on top as the finish is so nice. I will definitely be purchasing some of this when I get the chance.

My current heroes:



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