Saturday Antics

So I’ve mentioned that I love beauty but one of my other loves is football. So you will regularly find me on a Saturday afternoon freezing my butt off watching my team lose (yes, lose!)

I support Blackpool FC and putting it bluntly we’ve had a pretty crap season so far with last weeks game seeing us go from leading 2-0 at half time to losing 7-2!

So it was pretty safe to say none of us were expecting much yesterday but we only went and won 1-0. It still doesn’t take us off the bottom of the table but it closes the gap a little. It wasn’t a great game to watch and our pitch looks like ploughed field but a win is a win right.

And when I say freezing my butt off I’m not joking, I had leggings under my jeans, super thick socks and walling shoes on, a long sleeve top, football shirt, fleece then waterproof coat plus two hats, scarf and wool lined superdry mittens and I was still freezing! You do end up feeling a little like the Michelin Man when you go to football in the north west of England in January but It was dry.

Now despite the fact that I was simply going to football and not a glamorous party afterwards you might call me crazy for the contents of my tiny bag. I had some basic makeup but where the word crazy comes in is due to the number of lip products I take with me. I love my lip products and a girls gotta look good! So this is proof of the lip products I took with me – I needed options!



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