Puffy Eyed Lady

So after my last post I was hoping my eyes had settled but no such luck. Yesterday I used a couple of products that I’ve used many times before but hadn’t used them for a couple of months. The culprits were the Garnier Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (the one in the purple bottle) and the Garnier Micellar Water.

I then woke up this morning with one puffy and red eye so back on the anti-histamines and no eye makeup today (I’m still not happy without mascara on as i have very blonde eyelashes). I’m going to be really upset if I now can’t use these two products as I like them both and I also bulk bought them both so will have many bottles to hand out to welcoming friends and family.

I’ve decided I’m going to keep a daily diary of everything I use on my face, day and night, so I can trace the source of the problems and work out what products I can and can’t use. It will likely be sods law that loads of my expensive products will cause a reaction, at which point I shall revert to a state of mourning and wear black 24/7!

I may also have to take the decision to throw out all the open mascaras I have and once my eyes have settled start with a new one. This again may induce tears as I have 6 mascaras currently open (yes, it’s a lot I know) but luckily they are all Maybelline ones so nothing too expensive.

I’m still waiting for my referral to a dermatologist to come through and i am known for having no patience so I’m finding it very frustrating all this waiting.


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